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Hiking in Hungary

Hungary has centuries-old tradition of hiking, walking and cross-country. All the mountains and hills are criss-crossed by generally well-marked hiking routes and paths. Most of them can be find at Western and Northern hilly regions of Hungary, but there are some trails through the Great Hungarian Plain and other lowland areas as well. The National Blue Trail connects almost all the famous spots making a large circle hiking trail in our country.

Although there are no "dramatic elevations" both the surface and the material of the Hungarian hills are amazingly differ from region to region thus creating very diverse habitats for vegetation and wildlife. Western hills are actually the easternmost parts of the Alps mainly consists of highly crystallized rocks covered by conifers and deciduous woods, while parts of the Northern Hills belong to the Carpathian Mts. are either built up from limestone or from different type of volcanic rocks. Even within the boundaries of the capital there are surprisingly lot of caves and hills in the Buda-side. We would like to show some examples of this wide variety by introducing some of our different types of tours ranging from easy through moderate up to really challenging ones:


Tapolca Basin is one of the most amazing regions in Europe with close to a dozen attractive volcanic cones and several basalt towers such as Saint George Hill.
Wide varieties for different types of tours from half day to full week long ones.


Badacsony is a massive volcanic hill with breath-taking 200-feet-high basalt towers. The southern slope is facing towards Lake Balaton, the so called "Hungarian Sea" and famous for producing excellent variety of wines.
This is a typical half-day long family tour.


Aggtelek Region boasts of having one of the largest dripstone cave system in Europe with more than 700 (!) smaller and larger caves under a 60000 acres area dotted with sinkholes, shafts and dolines. No wonder it is on the World Heritage List.
From half to several full-days-long tours there are plenty of possibilities to discover this charming, most remote and hidden area of Hungary.


These two hills are just North of Budapest at the famous Danube Bend Region. The River Danube takes a sharp turn to the south and creates a wonderful valley just north of Budapest. The Danube Bend is bordered to the north by the Borzsony & Naszaly Hills and to the south by the Visegrad Mountains. This tour offers a nice combination of paths in the woods of volcanic Borzsony Hills and on white limestone cliffs of Naszaly. The flora and fauna of the hills is most diverse.

This is a combination of 2 all-day long tours, however there are possibilities to make it shorter to fit in one challenging day if it is necessary.

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