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Riding in Hungary

Hungarians arrived to the Carpathian Basin on horse-back from Asian steppes 13 centuries ago. Since then quite a lot of things has changed but horses still play an important role in many of our lifes. During the last decade horse-keeping and related centuries-old traditions recaptured their original fame. There are plenty of different possibilities for riding you can choose from:

In terms of visited areas:

- depending on your interest and riding skills from the Great Hungarian Plain, the so called "Puszta" which is a piece of an Asian steppe in heart of Europe - through rolling countryside
- up to the hills there are hundreds of areas waiting for you
- even in the capital city, Budapest there are excellent riding possibilities ranging from nomadic horse-camps to top-quality sites

Regarding accommodation and conditions you can either spend your time:

- in a nomadic horse camp and sleep in an Asian yurt
- or visit a friendly horsy-guesthouse, inn
- or stay at a luxury hotel serving horse-riders exclusively

We would like to show some examples of this wide variety by introducing some of our different types of tours ranging from easy through moderate up to really challenging ones:


Kiskunság is a large section of the Great Hungarian Plain with several attractive areas. Most of it protected by the Kiskunság National Park.

Wide varieties for different types of tours from half day to full week long ones.


Ópusztaszer has horse-riding facilities at a shore of a lake. This place is good for families or student groups alike. You can sleep in a tataric yurt, learn traditional hunting methods and try medieval recipes. Beside riding there is a lot to see at the neighbouring National Historical Monument Site. There is a detailed Hungarian Exhibition where you can learn about the origin and traditional lifestyle of Magyar/Hungarian tribes since the beginnings up to know.


Bugac is the largest part of Kiskunság. The landscape is dominated by sandy dunes with juniper forests and patches of woods. It is a huge area (115 square km) without busy roads or settlements, so you can ride in vast area through wooded pastures and meadows without any limitations. Additional programme possibilities are offered by a nearby thermal healing bath, a fishpond or nature walks in the Kiskunság National Park.

Accommodation in renovated authentic traditional houses in the middle of the "Puszta" without neighbours.

Wide varieties for different types of tours from half day to full week long ones.


Riding just North of the famous Lake Balaton, "The Hungarian See" in the Tapolca Basin among marvellous volcanic cones. Wether you spend just a few hours or several weeks here one thing is certain: you definitely will enjoy the scenery and riding.

Fortress of Sümeg boasts of a nice stable. You can have a room either among the mediaeval walls or at a nearby hotel or guesthouse. Balaton Upland is full with cultural and natural wonders and has several famous wine regions as well. Alternative programme offer: excursion with a Pony Express from 19th century or witness a mediaeval fight in the fortress.


This is a special world of River Danube where its tributaries and oxbow-lakes create a natural paradise. No wonder that it is a Mecca for birders or riders alike. From half to several full-days-long tours there are plenty of possibilities to discover this charming and hidden area of Hungary.

A brand-new high quality pansion or guesthouse awaits for you.


This is a week-long challenging riding tour for experienced riders at River Tisza and Tokaj Hill region.

This is a week-long challenging riding tour for experienced riders at the River Tisza and Tokaj Hill region. During the 7 days we complete a 220 kilometers long riding tour by the help of a former leading coach of the Hungarian Military Selected Team.

With well-trained and calm English thorough- and part-bred horses this tour offers you an ideal off-road riding holiday along salt lakes and across sand dunes, fields, "puszta" and farms. World famous Tokaj wines, fabulous landscapes, excellent horses, campfire, rich home-made meals, comfortable double/twin rooms with bathrooms, sauna and hospitality what is waiting for you.


- 7 days fullboard

- top quality tour leader and attendance by expert riders

- transportation of horses

- comfortable double/twin rooms with bathrooms

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