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Ghana has 928 butterfly species, more yet to be found. It is nearly double as many as in entire Europe and is the highest in West Africa apart from the Oban Hills at the easternmost part of Nigeria and Western Cameroon. 4/5 of the total species are confined to rainforest or high forest areas, which are amongst the most endangered tropical habitats, threatened by both legal and illegal logging and open pit mining. With this tour we try to help the conservation of the remaining rainforests as important butterfly areas, with raising awareness for butterfly conservation internationally and generate income for the local communities with using their accommodations and giving jobs for local guides.

This tour is organized in collaboration with the Butterfly Conservation Society, Ghana (BCGHANA). Professional tour leaders are provided by Ecotours (and/or other partner agencies), while technical guides are from BCGHANA and local communities or conservation authorities. The quality of accommodations varies according to the location of the destination. We usually choose our hotels with the highest comfort available, but while on field we prefer to choose inns or guesthouses managed by local communities to help the management and maintenance of the community based conservational areas (e.g. Boabeng-Fiema Monkey Sanctuary) and usually these are situated very close to the visited sites. ECOTOURS is a responsible company, committed oneself helping sustainable conservation with ecotourism activities; therefore 10% of the profit is paid as donation for BCGHANA's conservational projects.



Tours to Ghana Butterflies

  • Butterflies in Ghana

    Ghana, 14 days + 4 days extension

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  • 1


African Giant Swallowtail

Western Emperor


Volta Swallowtail

Common Striped


Large Striped Swordtail

Ghost Atewa

Dotted Border

Maessen's Telipna

Western Kakumia

Incredible Sapphire


Common Giant Epitola

Libert's Giant Epitola

Purple Giant Epitola

African Monarch

Giant Charaxes

Hadrian's Charaxes

Painted Empress

Painted Lady

Forest Mother-of-pearl

Ashanti Forester

Green Orange Forester

African Giant Skipper

Ankasa Sprite

26 Sapphire species

Maessen's Sapphire

Likpe Sapphire

Kyabobo Sapphire

27 Sailor species

30+ Forester species

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