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The whole Ecotours Kondor Ecolodge team is very thankful for all of those who helped in any of our nestbox or other environmental projects. 
We are extremely thankful especially for all of our Czech, Slovakian and Hungarian friends who helped us enormously with producing, putting out, cleaning and monitoring 100s of nestboxes in the Kiskunsag National Park, most of these occupied by Rollers, Scops Owls, Little Owls and Hoopoes. Within 5 years populations of the  not just became stronger, but number of individuals of some of the above species, especially Eurasian Rollers literally tripled and they started to spread to other parts of Hungary as well. 
Little Owl on nest 2 small
We also put out platforms for Saker Falcons and other raptors. One of our recent success story is a pair of White-tailed Eagles which managed to breed in of of our nesting platfroms. Without a full list here are some of the friends who turned this fantastic project into a huge success story:
Petr Pavelcik, Martin Hrouzek, Petr Simcik, Pavel Salek, Josef Lengyel, Przemek, Eric Muller, Adam Bodor, Ferko Pal-Szabo and many more.
We also have very good relationship with local NGOs who work hard to protect areas, carry out different environmental projects, ringing birds, fighting against invasive plants, restoring habitats, monitoring species and perhaps most importantly help educating and involving young generations and adults, locals and visitors alike in the work. We hope that these NGOs, such as Dunatáj Természet- és Környezetvédelmi Közalapítvány, or theRinging Station at Lake Kolon & Futóhomok Nature Protection Association and the Kiskunság National Park together can secure the future of the unique landscape and wildlife in our region and we try to help these efforts with all means.
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Our best friends are in our neighbourhood László Molnár(Laci) and his wife, Kata who live also at the Lake Kondor at the Birding Camp called Kiskunsági Madárvárta. Gabor remembers Laci and Kata from his childhood when he first participated in the work of the bird ringing camp which was lead by Laci and Kata. There is no-one who knows more about the mushrooms, orchids and other wildflowers, insects, especially spiders, butterflies and moth and of course birds and mammals then them. What is more Laci is not just writing books, but illustrating them with his amazing paintings as well. We are very proud to have them as our friends and happily decorate our Kondor EcoLodge rooms with the paintings of local moths on their host plants painted by Laci.  

300px SzabolcsKókayIndia

Szabolcs Kókay another very talented illustrator, especially keen painting birds and mammals, but almost anything in nature. He has been a keen birdwatcher since childhood and started to paint birds and nature at the age of 20. Since then he became a well known illustrator all over Europe and participated in many competitions, such as Birdwatch Magazine's and British Birds' competition. In 2002 he won the first prize in the identification category of Birdwatch’s competition with his Curlew plate. In 2006 one of his paintings was selected in the prestigious 'Birds in Art' exhibition. He was 'Birdwatch Artist of the Year' in 2008. Since then he has worked on hundreds of publications for Hungarian National Parks, for BirdLife Hungary and many other organizations. He illustrated excellently some amazing field guides as well as for example the Birds of Papua New Guinea. For more details about his works please visit the following site:

CSonkaPeti 1Péter Csonka, photographer He lives in Komárom-Esztergom county of Hungary. During the last 20 years he has been involved in bird monitoring and protection, concentrating mainly on raptors and woodpeckers. Beside birds, he is interested in the life of reptiles and amphibians and in the last few years he also discovered the beauty of dragonflies. His aim is to increase awareness of the beauty and fragileness of nature to assist his overall objective of trying to preserve nature in its original state.

Although almost all of the photos which are decorating our website made by us and our guests during our tours there are a few photographers who contributed to our website with their fantastic images. We would like to thank the help of our following friends:

Martin Hrouzek, Martin Sabik, Chris & Sue Massie-Taylor, Brian Clasper, Tibor Horváth, Bence Kókay, Stefan Matis, Attila Szilágyi, Béla Tokody, Artur Wiatr, Daniel Petrescu, László Nehézy, László Bécsy

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