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Newsletter February 2018

Ecotours - Kondor EcoLodge

The original & only registered Ecotours in Hungary- offices at 2 continents


Europe, Latin America, Africa

Roller D08 0318 bj Joerg Mager

Dear Ecotours Travellers & Friends,

We have just finished a few Winter tours in Hungary with photographing Wallcreeper, Alpine Accentor, Ural Owl, Woodpeckers and more, while in Yucatan we look for endemics and photographing Caribbean Flamingos. We still have a few months when we can escape Winter at sunny Latin American or African destinations, but soon the busy Spring season will start again in the Old Continent. We have some tempting new tours and also some special last minute offers.  

For a LIST OF TOURS with suggested dates & prices please click hereWe also created a TOUR SELECTOR where you can filter all the tours based on destination or focus of the tour or month.

If you would like to Read More about the various tours we have done please visit our NEW Trip Report pages on our website. We tend to do more tours than trip reports, but work hard to catch up with the paperwork as well, so please check our website and Facebook  pages regularly. J

IMG 6190-Pallid Harrier-csik-NEWS-575x54
Upcoming Tours - Last Minute Offers


Beside the following fixed date tours we can offer flexible dates and customized tours with very good land prices in Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico, Belize, Guatemala and more, generally 2 weeks for USD2,999 + USD399srs depending on destination and group size


BELIZE with a bit of Yucatan
 and extension possibility to Guatemala 
Spectacled Owl, Agami Heron, Jabiru, Orange-breasted Falcon, Speckled Pigeon, Sungrebe & more
24February-7March, 2018 ; 12 days at: 2,799 USD + 349 USD srs

MEXICO Yucatan & Chiapas with Motmot Travel 
Yucatan endemics, Mexican Ant-thrush, Royal Flycatcher
16days 10-25March, 2018
 at Ł3690 + Ł390 srs with flight ticket included

S05A7534-Snowy Cotinga male-E-closer-160x160S05A6853-crop160x160S05A2750

COSTA RICA  Birds at Rainforests, Volcanoes and Beaches
Snowcap, Resplendent Quetzal, lowland and highland specialities
24March-6April, 2018 ; 15 days at: 2999 + 419 USD

 PANAMA – Migration Special & Top Tropical Birding
clouds of several Raptor species, various Antbirds, Purple-throated Fruit-crow, White-throated Crake, Blue-crowned & Golden-collared Manakin, Rosy Bush-tanager, Golden-fronted Greenlet & many more

6-15April, 2018 ; 10 days at: 2,499 USD + 359 USD srs

Raptor Migration Panama-S05A0868

GHANA - Birding Safari on the Gold Coast with West African specialities

Yellow-headed Picathartes/White-necked Rockfowl, Egyptian Plover, Chocolate-backed Kingfisher, Congo Serpent Eagle, Blue-bellied Roller, White-crowned Cliff Chat, African Finfoot, Rufous-winged Illadopsis, Pel's Fishing Owl
4-18April,2018  ; 15days at USD3000 + USD300 srs


Our calendar is getting full with guaranteed departure tours in Eastern Europe. We start with a New early Spring tour in ESTONIA for Steller's Eiders, then we offer several tours to Istria, SLOVENIA for Alpine and Mediterranean species, followed by an excellent Caucasian endemics birding tour in GEORGIA. Throughout May as usual we have several tours in BELARUS followed by MACEDONIA. 
We will have several birding, Photography & Wildlife tours at our Kondor EcoLodge, HUNGARY and some birding and butterfly tours at other Eastern European destinations. In BELARUS we also plan a BUTTERFLY Monitoring project. We still have a few places for each, please check out details below:

ESTONIA - Steller's Eiders, Grouses, Woodpeckers and Owls
15-18March ; 29March-1April2018 ; 4days at: Ł560 + Ł70 or $799 + $99

SLOVENIA - Mediterranean & Alpine species
15-19March, 2018 Woodpeckers, Wallcreepers & Owls
26-30April, also May & June, 2018 Wildlife of Slovenia: Bears, Otters,Birds, Butterflies & more

GEORGIA – Caucasian Birding-Georgian Endemics 
,2018 8 days: 1549USD + 199USD srs 

9days Ł1141/$1499 + Ł228/$299 srs - Read More

Great Grey-, Tengmalm's & Pygmy Owl, Azure Tit, Terek Sandpiper, Great Snipe lekking, 3-toed- & White-backed Woodpecker, Smew, Corncrake, Greater Spotted Eagle, Bison, Elk, Beaver & more.

BELARUS BUTTERFLY Monitoring Project concentrating on Danube Clouded Yellow, but there will be plenty of other attractive Eastern species as well. 
6-13August, 2018 ; 8 days at GBP1070 + GBP125 srs

SLOVAKIA: all Woodpeckers of Europe, Raptors, Grouses, Owls such as Pigmy & Tengmalm's
30April-7May, 2018 ; 8days for EUR1094/$1299 +EU134/$159 srs

MACEDONIA - Pearls of the Balkan
Birds, Butterflies and more at beautiful landscapes
30May-6June, 2018 ; 8 days at: $1299 + $199 or GBP1160 + GBP120 srs

Bird Photography at Kondor EcoLodge, HUNGARY -Please check also:
11-17June, 2018 ; 7days for 1141GBP+152GBP srs or $1499 + $199 srs
11-20June, 2018 ; 10days for 1599GBP+219GBP srs or $2130 + $292 srs

Professional hides in the garden and at different habitats -European Roller, European Bee-eater, Red-footed Falcon, Hoopoe, Lesser Grey & Red-backed Shrike, Little Owl, herons, egrets, waterfowl & many more

Tower Hide, Floating Hide, Lakeshore Hide, Garden Hide with Feeding-Drinking Station, Mobile Hides

IMG 1594Bittern IMG 8226 200x200Gabor-IMG 7448

Best Birding of HUNGARY Lowlands & HillsKiskunság & Bükk National Parks

21-28June, 2018 ; (Budapest extension possible) 8days for 989GBP+190GBP srs  or $1299 + $249 srs

HUNGARYseveral various tours based at our Kondor Ecolodge at Kiskunsag, including Birding, Moth, Butterfly, Mammal, Wildflower, Dragonfly, general Wildlife & Bird Photography Tours.
Species & Lodge info can be found at

flexible dates & lengths June-July-Aug-Sept 2018

Saker Falcon Phototour Howard Birley Ecotours Kondor EcoLodgeSquacco Heron IMG 8092 200x200Parlagi sas 2015-11-29_098-OrosziZoli-190x190
9days for 999GBP+199GBP  srs or $1399+ $299 srs

Could start from Hungary as well and can be combined with Easy Budget Week in Hungary or Photo Tour in Kiskunsag, Hungary. Big variety from mountain specialities such as Ptarmigan, Rock Partridge, Alpine Accentor till Mediterranean species such as Black-headed & Ortolan Bunting, Spanish Sparrow

Mangart PtarmiganMangart Alpine_AccentorIT BH_Bunting

Early Bird Offers


22Aug-4Sept, 2018 ; 14 days at USD2290

HUNGARY Cranes & Geese Spectacular 
3-10Oct2018 ; 8 days Ł913/$1199 + Ł152/$199


BRAZIL - Pantanal: Jaguars, Jabirus & other Jewels - unique tour, incredible cruise, very different from what anybody else offers, unique style Pantanal, BRAZIL cruise with Jaguars, Giant Anteaters, Giant Otters and colourful birds around.   Even the most travelled guests of ours said it was the best experience ever! 

28October - 8November, 2018 12 days $5000 ; spaces are very limited and selling out quickly

BRAZIL - endemics bonanza at the Atlantic Forest; can be combined with Pantanal: Jaguars, Jabirus & other Jewels 
8-15November, 2018 8 days at $2200

Brasil Pantanal S05A9619 190x190S05A9779 Jaguar Pantanal Brasil 190x190Brasil Pantanal TocoTucan S05A0503 190x190

GUATEMALA - Heart of the Mayan Culture and Nature
flexible datess from each November till April, 10 days at2499USD +  299USD
Horned Guan, Azure-rumped Tanager, Resplendent Quetzal, Fulvous Owl & Northern Potoo and many more from comfortable coffee ranches and lodges


ETHIOPIA - Abyssinian endemics–Birds-Mammals & more
14-28Sept,2018; 15 days at: 3,290 USD + 449 USD


UGANDA - Albertine Rift Endemics, Chimps, Gorillas & more 
29Sept-10Oct, 201812 days at 2999USD +  300USD


During all of our tours we use Swarovski bins & scopes which you can try at our Kondor EcoLodge, Hungary's first and only natural Swarovski showroom. You can check the quality of the products in our garden or around, focusing on Rollers, Bee-eaters, Orioles or Hoopoes. Try, hire or buy and you will get a special discount from our tours as well.

 What is New?

Panama – beside the amazing Raptor Migration tour now we can offer any corner of Panama from Bocas del Torro till Darien, from Snowy Cotinga till Harpy Eagle!!

BELARUS - last year we had a ground-breaking, first ever BUTTERFLY & MOTH TOUR IN BELARUS

 Belarus Butterfly Ecotours Kondor Ecolodge DSCN3254Belarus Butterfly Ecotours Kondor Ecolodge DSCN3416Belarus Butterfly Ecotours Kondor Ecolodge DSCN3264

We had a long list of special Eastern and Northern species, including many rarities: Bog Fritillary, Scarce Fritillary, Yellow-legged & Large Tortoiseshell, False Ringlet, Danube Clouded Yellow, Scarce Heath, Cranberry Fritillary, Cranberry Blue, Pallas's Fritillary, Woodland Brown, Poplar Admiral, Violet Copper, Freija Fritillary, Thor's Fritillary, Frigga Fritillary, 

Based on that success we would like to repeat the experience and run another tour. 

At each destination our aim is to come up with something new & different than others do and also offer more for less!

Please also check our attractive FaceBook pageyou do not have to be a member to enjoy it!

We offer excellent quality for attractive prices in Eastern Europe, Latin America & Worldwide.

All prices above include all the services, single room supplement, but without flight tickets! Please ask for details! All pics were made during our tours!

We hope to enjoy a great tour together with plenty of wildlife!

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