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Brazil and within that the Pantanal

is surely a dream destination for any nature enthusiast. It is close to legendary in the natural history world and especially famed as place to see Jaguars, Giant Otters, Giant Anteaters, Hyacinth Macaws and a huge range of exotic looking birds. There are more and more people who would like to visit, there are a few specialized tour companies who offer it, but almost all spending a few days at some lodges and a minimum days with visiting the nearest jaguar sighting spots which can be crowded by other tour groups.

There are only a handful options to make a full circle cruise on the huge river systems in the Southern Pantanal, crossing a vast area basically without seeing anyone else, but plenty of wildlife. Our tour is one of those, visiting Parque Estadual Encontro da Aguas, Parque Nacional Mato Grosso & Reserva Ecologia Taiama. If you have been in the Danube Delta on a floating hotel venturing out from your comfortable base daily to discover the wildlife alongside the river than you can easily imagine the style of the tour. Lush tropical environment, upclose encounters with rare mammals, birds and other wildlife, perfect photographic experience for amateurs and professionals alike, small group. Check the latest Pantanal Mammal tour itinerary here.

After Pantanal we also offer a week-long stay at another biological hotspot, the Atlantic Forest. This is one of the richest areas in the World for wildlife, especially in terms of birds, butterflies (more than 1000 species), moth (several thousand species) and dragonflies (70 species just at the lodge). There are close to 500 bird species at and in the vicinity of our lodge, including 180 (!!!) endemic birds. During a week long stay we can see easily 300 species out of which 30 or 40 endemics ranging from Giant Snipe through Frilled Coquette till Shrike-like Cotinga or Bare-throated Bellbird! Fantastic photo opportunities and amazing landscape.

Please check all details below or download the itinerary with the extension at the Atlantic Forest & Trip Reports from previous years at the bottom. Latest Atlantic Trip Report 2018 here


All pics in this material made during our tours.

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Fact File

- 12 wildlife watching days in the world-famous Pantanal area

- start and finish in Cuiaba, Brazil

- using the best Pantanal Lodges for 3nights with excellent on site birding & wildlife watching possibilities

- most of the holiday is on board of a super floating hotel with a panoramic restaurant and bar for 8 nights




- Jaguars, Giant River Otters, Giant Anteater & other mammals,

- several unique bird species in good numbers like Hiacynth Macaw, Jabiru, Sunbittern

- thousands of Yacare Caimans,

- amazing landscape,

- days without roads & settlements and any other tour groups

- wide variety of birds, mammals, reptiles, butterflies and habitats


3 nights at 2 different top Lodges alongside the Transpantaneira Road

8 nights on the floating hotel

overnight flight

Departure Dates & Prices

 Land Prices from Cuiaba till Cuiaba, Brazil

-Sunday, 28thOct till Thursday, 8thNov,2018, 12days at $4999 based on min. 8 people

We suggest to arrive to Cuiaba either on afternoon or evening Saturday, 27thOct2018 (in that case we can book an extra night at a good hotel) or you can arrive am. Sunday, 28thOct2018  

Extension possibility to the Atlantic Forest, Brazil
is possible

Dates & Land Prices for the extension (or can be booked without doing Pantanal as well)

-Thursday 8thNov till Thursday 15th Nov 2018, 8 days at $2200 with min. 6 people

Of course it is easy to spend a couple of more days at this marvellous area, let us know and we book more days for you.


Our price includes:

  • all travel as noted in the itinerary;
  • all accommodation based on shared rooms (most rooms are twin bedded), at most locations there are single rooms as well for extra charge, but on the floating hotel there is no or extremely limited single cabin possibility (Please ask for a single room at the time of booking!);
  • 3 meals per day, generally buffet breakfast at the accommodation, buffet lunch & dinner (consists of at least two courses);
  • services of the leader(s);
  • trip materials.


Not included:

  • flights to and from the initial point of the tour which is Cuiaba;
  • optional programmes to places of interest and entrance fees involved;
  • airport and other departure taxes, tips;
  • food beyond generally 3 meals/day mentioned in the itineraries;
  • excess baggage charges;
  • telephone calls;
  • alcoholic beverages;
  • compulsory personal insurance.


If you have questions about the inclusion of any cost item, please contact us.

Activity level

  • Generally easy to moderate walks from the lodge
  • optional horse riding possibility
  • Dusk and dawn safari drives, night drives
  • Morning and afternoon outing with small boats for wildlife watching
  • Lots of onsite wildlife observing possibilities
  • Weather generally favourable, but can be hot and humid sometimes, occasional rain




Arrival to Cuiaba airport in the morning, 1,5-2hours transfer on the Transpantaneria road to Piuval Lodge, check in, afternoon birding and wildlife watching on site


spend a full day with searching birds, mammals, reptiles, butterflies & other wildlife

including early morning and evening wildlife drives


after a morning birding drive South on the Transpantanera road, crossing and stopping at very exciting habitats, arriving finally to another excellent lodge


morning birding and wildlife watching at the lodge promises

short drive to Porto Jofre and continue on a small boat to our floating hotel

Days 5 & 6

spend 2 full days in the Parque Estadual Encontro da Aguas where 3 big rivers meet, this is the area which boasts of the World’s highest concentration of Jaguars 

Days 7 & 11

We have 5 full days to travel on several rivers, discover side channels, lakes and breathtaking areas. Our journey with the floating hotel takes us through the Parque Nacional Mato Grosso. From now on for days it will be very rare to see any other sign of humans or human activity, just pure nature.

We visit during our journey: Mato Grosso do Sul & Mato Grosso, Uberaba Lagoon, border of Brasil and Bolivia & Reserva Ecologica Taiama. 

Day 12

arrive to Caceres, transfer to Cuiaba, connection to Sao Paolo or Brasilia either same or next day




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Giant Otters

Giant Anteater

Brazilian Tapir

Marsh Deer

Chacoan Titi Monkey

Black-&-Gold Howler Monkey

Black-capped Donacobius

Red-crested Cardinal

American Pygmy Kingfisher

Whistling Heron

Blue-fronted Parrot or Turquoise-fronted Amazon

Brazilian Teal

Greater Rea

Red-legged Seriama


Bare-faced Curassow

Epaulet Oriole

Orange-backed Troupial

Scarlet-headed Blackbird

Hyacinth Macaw

Orange-winged Amazon

Golden-collared Macaw

Blue-headed Trogon

Rusty-collared Seedeater

Glittering-bellied Emerald

Pantanal Roadside Hawk

Band-tailed Nightjar

Undulated Tinamu


Plumbeous Ibis

Red-throated Piping Guan

Rufous-thighed Kite

Toco Toucan

Black-hooded Parakeet

Upland Sandpiper


Brazilian Tanager

Maroon-bellied Parakeet

Wing-banded Hornero

Yellow-lored Tody-Flycatcher

Black-legged Dacnis

Slaty-breasted Wood-rail

Black Jacobin

Tawny-browed Owl

Bare-throated Bellbird

Shrike-like Cotinga

Frilled Coquette

Giant Snipe

and many more...