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For Landscape Photography first of all you need to know unique locations What is more, of course you need to be there with perfect timing. Since we have lived, photographed and guided in Latin America more than 15 years, we know lot of excellent sites from Costa Rica through Panama till Colombia or Mexico. 

Whether you are an independent traveller with an interest of different landscapes and its photography or a professional with well defined photographic targets in your mind we can help to rich your goals.

Below we list a few ideas from one of our favourite destinations, Costa Rica which has:

  • wild tropical beaches alongside the Pacific coast,
  • steaming-smoking volcanoes with colorful crater lakes,
  • dramatic mountain ranges,
  • lush tropical lowland forests,
  • misty, magical cloud-forests
  • high elevation paramo vegetation above the tree line
  • breathtaking waterfalls
  • unique mangroves
Each offers almost endless landscape photography possibilities