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For exciting subjects of macro-photography generally you do not need to participate on large circuit tours. It is much better to choose an attractive destination with endless onsite possibilities and thus not wasting time plus money and increasing your carbon footprint.

Since we have been living, photographing and guiding more than 15 years at different Latin American destinations we surely can offer some excellent sites to discover with your camera.

A few of our favourite macro photography destinations:

Costa Rica-incredibly rich in insects, wildflowers & other macro photo topics
Panama-the Canal region is excellent for huge variety of topics
Mexico-colourful endemics of Yucatan & Chiapas
Belize-from lowland tropical rainforests to highland pine forests
Brazil-the Atlantic forest offers one of the most biodiverse areas
Peru-vast variety of habitats with incredible wildlife
Colombia-only country with 3 ranges of Andes with wildlife rich valleys
Ethiopia-Abyssinean special insects, unique flora and fauna
Uganda-unique wildlife alongside the Albertine Rift
Georgia-Caucasian wonders from steppes till snow covered hills

Species seen and photographed during macro-photography tours can be seen at the different destination pages and photo-galleries.