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I. BIRD PHOTOGRAPHY "AS WE GO" -by visiting different habitats, key locations for target species

We do have an excellent local knowledge in a wide range of World-class bird-photography destinations from several Latin American countries through some top African destinations like Ethiopia, Uganda till various Eastern European countries. Whether you look for taking an excellent shot of a Resplendent Quetzal or a Lovely Cotinga or a Horned Guan, endemics of the Yucatan or the Albertine Rift Valley or Abessynian Highlands, we know where to go and how to photograph that desired species. Almost all of the pics decorating our webpages were made by us or by our travellers without using a professional hide. It is quite amazing what you can do if you know when and where to go, so why don't you try what can we show you? With this method you can visit more areas, more habitats and find more species within shorter period of time then just sitting in a hide. We have excellent local knowledge regarding where to find different sought-after species with a high chance of good photography possibility.

Species seen and photographed during daily outings can be seen at the different destination pages and photo-galleries.