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As our friend, Mike Williams, one of the leaders of the West Midland Branch of BC noted:

Not many people realise that Mexico is not just the wintering place of hundreds of millions of incredible Monarch butterflies, but also host to almost 10 percent of the total butterfly species of the entire globe! That is close to 1800 species which means a hard to beat diversity. What is more, butterflies often occur in great number as well, so with good timing and some luck we can end up with a terrific list of butterflies during a 2 week long trip visiting various habitats. Our tour through the Land of the Mayas takes us to some of the great butterfly hotspots among fascinating Mayan ruins in Yucatan and Chiapas, two contrastingly different areas.  Beside butterflies, we should see some breathtaking birds, colourful wildflowers, various mammals, plus interesting amphibians and reptiles.  Chiapas alone has one of the greatest biodiversity in not just in Mexico, but in the entire Americas: there are more than 100 species of amphibians, 700 species of birds, more than 50 species of mammals and just over 200 species of reptiles.

We pay visits to famous and some less known Mayan archaeological sites surrounded by lush forests and full of many great species. We also explore various other habitats: broadleaved and pine forests, wetlands, mangroves, Caribbean beaches, all with their own unique rich flora and fauna, including many endemics as well.



Tour to Mexico Butterfly

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Pipevine Swallowtail

Emerald-patched Cattleheart

Transandean Cattleheart

Giant Swallowtail

Golden-banded Dartwhite

Brown-bordered White

Florida White

Giant White

Clouded Sulphur

Apricot Sulphur

Orange-barred Sulphur

Little Yellow

Mimosa Yellow

Dina Yellow

Dainty Sulphur

Barred Yellow

Tabasco Yellow

Mexican Cycadian

Sky-blue Greatstreak

Fine-lined Stripe-streak

Zebra Cross-streak

Red-spotted Scrub-Hairstreak

Burnt-chocolate Hairstreak

Dusky-blue Groundstreak

Confused Groundstreak

Ceraunus Blue

Reakirt's Blue

Eastern Tailed-Blue

Cassius Blue

Purple-washed Eyemark

Square-spotted Yellowmark

Hoary Scintillant

Scintillant sp.

Temple Scintillant

Cloaked Scintillant

Dull Scintillant

Carousing Jewelmark

Black-patched Bluemark

Falcate Metalmark

Sailor's Lemmark

 Common Lemmark

Mexican Fritillary

Julia Heliconian

Banded Orange Heliconian

Zebra Heliconian

Tiger Heliconian

Gulf Fritillary

Mexican Silverspot

Mexican Heliconian

Erato Heliconian

Crimson Patch

Theona Checkerspot

Mayan Crescent

Black-bordered Tegosa

Claudina's Tegosa

Chestnut Crescent

Pale-banded Crescent

Phaon Crescent

West Coast Lady

American Lady

Common Buckeye

White Peacock

Banded Peacock

Rusty-tipped Page


Spot-celled Sister

Confusing Sister

Scarce Sister

Four-spotted Sailor

Blue-eyed Sailor

Small-eyed Sailor

Turquoise-spotted Navy 88

Common Banner

Orange Banner

Little Banner

Red Rim

Common Mestra

Crinkled Banner

Blackened Bluewing

Guatemalan Catone

Red Cracker

Gray Cracker

Glaucous Cracker

Variable Cracker

Guatemalan Cracker

Blomfild's Beauty

Small Beauty

Pale Daggerwing

Ruddy Daggerwing

Many-banded Daggerwing

Angled Leafwing

Orion Cecropian

Silver Emperor

Pavon Emperor

Common Morpho

White Morpho

Yellow-fronted Owl

Yellow-bordered Owl

Split-banded Owlet

Scalloped Owlet

White-spotted Satyr

Common Ur-Satyr

Plain Satyr

Carolina Satyr



Tiger Mimic-Queen

Thick-tipped Greta

Klug's Clearwing

Confused Tigerwing

White-striped Longtail

Yellow-tipped Flasher

Small-spotted Flasher

Two-barred Flasher

Banded-Skipper sp.

Brown Longtail

Tanna Longtail

Dorantes Longtail

Cobalt Longtail

Coyote Cloudywing

Stoll's Flat

Potrillo Skipper

Glazed Pellicia

Black-veined Mylon

Common Blue-Skipper

Brilliant Blue-Skipper

Blue-studded Skipper

Bruised Zera

Orange-spotted Skipper

Glassy-winged Skipper

Yellow-rimmed Groundskipper

Texas Powdered-Skipper

Variegated Skipper

Square Bentwing

White-patched Skipper

Five-banded Skipper

Tropical Checkered-Skipper

Guatemalan' Skipper 

Turk's-cap White-Skipper

Alana White-Skipper

Pasture Brown-Skipper

Immaculate Brown-eye

Freeman's Poan