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With more than 70 endemics possible during a week

Leaders: Gabor Orban & Andrea Katona


We planned originally this itinerary as a week-long extension to our annual October or November Pantanal tour, but actually the Atlantic Forest of Brazil is so reach in birds and wildlife that it should be a prime destination itself.

It is one of the richest areas on the entire planet in terms of biodiversity, especially the number of endemic bird species but other wildlife as well.

We stay at the Guapi Assu Bird Lodge at Reserva Ecologica de Guapiacu which is a great base for onsight birding and also shorter and longer daily adventures during the week.

It is also quite convenient that the driving distance between the Rio airport and the lodge is just 1,5 or 2 hours. Our idea at this one-base tour that we alternate days spent at or nearby our lodge discovering the various trails with shorter or longer daily excursions to the best birding areas in the region.

When we do this tour as an extension of the Pantanal Tour then we have an Arrival (or Ground zero) day arriving from Cuiaba, Pantanal to Rio and then transfer to the lodge.

Please note that order of the daily programmes can be changed depending on the actual weather.

1st Day we explore the trails in the reserve, at wetlands, lowland pastures, gardens and sections of primary and secondary rainforest

2nd Day excursion to dry Atlantic Forest near Carmo, 3toed Jacamar Day

3rd Day Waldemor Trail

4th Day full day excursion to Macai de Cima

5th Day 4x4 trail

6th Day full day at the lush montane forests of Pico de Caledonia

7th Day morning at Maroon trail, late afternoon travel to domestic airport

At this time of the year we generally can be lucky with the weather, not much rain however there can be sudden changes, especially when we visit higher elevation areas or when we venture to larger distances. You will be delighted to record between 200-300 species.

Out of the few hundred species around 60-80 will be endemic without a really serious effort. This means that almost every third bird species we find should be endemic! Quite incredible!

Although we have been on tours here several times we will surely use an excellent local guide as well throughout the week to maximize our chance to have an excellent result. We aim to form a great team where all of us help each other not to miss anything.

Gabor puts the scope on the bird quickly and also helps with a laser pointer with directions while Andi helps spotting any new birds and wildlife beside helping in other issues and being a cheerful company.

We usually have excellent possibilities to photograph not just various birds, but mammals, butterflies, dragonflies and a long list of wildflower species as well. It is a perfect birding and wildlife holiday with amazing photography possibilities.

At the end of the tour it is usually very difficult to pick the best species or the most exciting visited areas or other highlights of the tour. The following is just a short list as an example of the possibilities:

the echoing Bare-throated Bellbird and the countryside near Nova Freiburg, Long-tailed Antshrike and the Giant Moth attracted by the moth trap light, White-tufted Marmosets, lush forests of Pico de Caledonia, Three-toed Jacamars and Tapirs, Warbling Finch, White-eyed Foliage-gleaner, the colours of the Brassy-breasted Tanager, Mouse-colored or Serro do Mar Tapaculo.

But there are so many more from colourful toucans, through shining tanagers, manakins and various hummingbirds, hiding antbirds, herons and egrets and the list can go on and on…

Surely neither of us will be bored and you will feel that we could easily spend some more relaxing days here and we could easily find even more things. It is also great to learn about the conservation projects here, to feel the success of reforestation.

We will surely enjoy great food which is made locally and the only danger is to became quite quickly addicted to the pre-dinner caipirinha sessions. The extensive library and the different leaflets are helpful as well to read about birds and wildlife around.

It is a memorable holiday in really good company!

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