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Dear Ecotours Travellers & Friends,

Our last Newsletter was sent out early April, we skipped the Summer one. We lamented at that time that our beautiful Planet is seriously sick and we are suffering a pandemic. We wrote that Mother Earth sent us home to think about what we have done...We hope that beside dealing with the pandemic finally a different approach to solve the global environmental problems will be prompted as well.
At least there are a few good signs. Vaccines are around the corner and some great ecotourism destinations started to open. Costa Rica is definitely a good example.
There were some positive side effects of the lockdown as well. First of all we have had much more time for each other, for our friends and relatives and have managed to work on things we could not do during the last extremly busy 2 decades. Have spent much more time in the garden, created brand new Bird & Mammal Watching Photography hides. We are so optimistic that in the not so distant future you would like to travel again that we have joined to the Blue Sky Wildlife Team and advertise our Kondor Ecolodge-based Hungary tours there. Please check the special offers here: We really would like to thank all of our guests, tour leaders and friends who sent their reviews to Blue Sky so we became one of the best featured companies!
We are also continuously working on our different websites. Recently updated with loads of new photogalleries, reviews and tour infos.
Also there are plenty of new info on our website.
We hope that tourism will change and focus will be more on small group and private tours than mass tourism. We have decades of experience in small scale birding and ecotourism and more than a decade ago we started to promote one-centred birding and wildlife tours to lower even further our carbon footprint. If you choose your destination wisely you do not need to roam around spending at each place only one or 2 nights but you can have amazing birds and wildlife around you just at that great well-selected lodge. This is what we offer at our excelent lodge, Kondor EcoLodge at Kiskunság National Park in HUNGARY, Europe and try to do also in Costa Rica.
LAST Minute Offers

Now that vaccine is around the corner and Costa Rica easied the entry plus flight tickets from UK or US have never been so low during the last couple of years we have started to receive bookings for this Winter & Early Spring Season till April 2021

General description of Costa Rica, Trip Reports, Photo Gallery and below links to our different group or private tour offers you can find here.

If you would be interested in a private circuit tour visiting different parts of Costa Rica please send us an email and we will send you an offer as soon as possible.

For those who book before the end of the year we offer a special price.
Please write to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Each of the below itineraries can be tailor-made and adjusted to your needs. You will experience not jut Costa Rican endemics and near-endemics, Resplendent Quetzal, lowland and highland bird specialities but also amazing, colourful wildlife from butterflies, mammals, frogs and reptiles and lush vegetation.

Pacific Paradise Birding - Costa Rica

Caribbean Birding Bonanza - Costa Rica

Grand Costa Rica circle with Tenorio

Suggested timing is between Decemberer2020-April2021 & November2021-April2022

Generally land prices for small groups are around 2 weeks between USD2,999-3500 +srs depending on the actual accommodation during the circle & group size and exact dates

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We also offer Panama, Mexico, Belize, Brazil where we have had dozens of tours during the last 15 years.  
BRAZIL - PANTANAL unique cruise, very different from any other offers
BRAZIL - ATLANTIC FOREST more than 70 endemics can be seen leisurely during a week
It is possible to combine the above 2 tours which can be your best tour ever.

PANAMA – Migration Special & Top Tropical Birding 10 days at: 2,499 USD + 359 USD srs

Imagine more than a million Raptor in the sky! clouds of several Raptor species, various Antbirds, Purple-throated Fruit-crow, White-throated Crake, Blue-crowned, Golden-collared Manakin, Rosy Bush-tanager, Golden-fronted Greenlet & many more 

MEXICO Yucatan & Chiapas several Yucatan endemic species, plus Mexican Ant-thrush, Royal Flycatcher and much more

MEXICO Yucatan & BELIZE from the Caribbean seaside into real jungles of Belize and up to the Mountain Pine Ridge. Wide variety of wildlife plus breathtaking Mayan ruins. 
Spectacled Owl, Agami Heron, Jabiru, Orange-breasted Falcon, Speckled Pigeon, Sungrebe & more
If you are interested in more details of this tour, please click here.

Raptor Migration Panama-S05A0868


Birds & Budapest during Winter, HUNGARY - mix of birding seasoned with a bit of culture

Winter Bird Photography Tour, HUNGARY - specialized & personalized bird photography tour with attractive species such as Wallcreeper, Alpine Accentor, Red-breasted Geese, Imperial Eagle, Rough-legged Buzzard, Hen Harrier, but it is also possible to photograph Ural Owl and several Woodpecker species. 

Estonia-Steller's Eider Tour-another popular Winter tour 18-21March2021 4days Ł549/$699 + Ł79/$99

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Click here for a LIST OF OTHER TOURS with suggested dates & prices
We also created a TOUR SELECTOR where you can filter all the tours based on destination or focus of the tour or monthIf you would like to Read More about the various tours we have done please visit our NEW Trip Report pages on our website.

We tend to do more tours than trip reports, but work hard to catch up with the paperwork as well, so please check our website and Facebook  pages regularly. J


Upcoming Tours - Early Bird Offers 


GEORGIA 24-30April, 2021 $1549 + $199 srs or with extension $1999 + $260
ith loads of the Caucasian endemics, Lammergeier, Wallcreeper, 3 species of Rock Nuthatches, several Wheatear species, Black Francolin, Chuckar and many more.

BELARUS 15-23May, 2021 $1599 + $299 srs
with Azure Tit, Terek Sandpiper, Great Snipe, Great Grey Owl, Citrine Wagtail, Tengmalm's and Pygmy Owl, European Bison, Elk and many more.

HUNGARY - various tours at our KONDOR EcoLodge and other areas

Roller, Bee-eater, Hoopoe, Great Bustard, Red-footed & Saker Falcons, Imperial Eagle & many more species around.

1. Birding at Kiskunság & Bükk National Parks

2. Birding and Wildlife at and around Kondor EcoLodge

3. Bird Photography Tour

TRANSYLVANIA-DANUBE DELTA Birds & Bears Sept, 2021 ; 10days $1849+ $320srs


During all of our tours we use Swarovski bins & scopes which you can try at our Kondor EcoLodge, Hungary's first and only natural Swarovski showroom. You can check the quality of the products in our garden or around, focusing on Rollers, Bee-eaters, Orioles or Hoopoes. Try, hire or buy and you will get a special discount from our tours as well.

At each destination our aim is to come up with something new & different than others do and also offer more for less!

Please also check our attractive FaceBook pageyou do not have to be a member to enjoy it!

We offer excellent quality for attractive prices in Eastern Europe, Latin America & Worldwide.

All prices above include all the services, single room supplement, but without flight tickets! Please ask for details! All pics were made during our tours!

We hope to enjoy a great tour together with plenty of wildlife!

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